Corporate Governance


Proper corporate governance is important to AlerisLife Inc. We have a six member Board of Directors, of which four are Independent Directors. There are three standing Committees of the Board: an Audit Committee, a Compensation Committee and a Nominating and Governance Committee. Our three standing Board Committees are comprised solely of Independent Directors. The Board’s Audit Committee currently has a qualified Audit Committee "financial expert" as defined by SEC rules.


Corporate Governance Documents

The Board has also adopted Governance Guidelines and Committee Charters for each of its three standing Board Committees.

All of AlerisLife’s Directors, officers and personnel are subject to a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

We also have a Business Partners’ Code of Conduct, an Employee Health and Wellness Policy, a Human Rights Policy and a Philanthropy Policy.

If you wish to report your experience at one of our locations, please contact our Gold Star Customer Service Experience Team Line at 1-877-349-5349, or click here.

If you wish to report a complaint or concern specifically related to confidential health records or patient privacy (HIPAA), call 1-888-574-4722, or click here.

If you wish to report a complaint or concern regarding (i) Employment Related Concerns, (ii) Auditing, Accounting and Financial Reporting, or (iii) the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, call 1-833-420-1738, or click here.

The Board of Directors approved updates to our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics on December 10, 2021.